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Past Events 2013

Lime Plastering Session. March 23 to end of April.

Climate change in the Chihuahuan desert now threatens us with enough rain to justify waterproofing adobe structures with lime. We have used so far earth plasters for over a decade when rainfall remained at 10" a year. As soon as we have a date to hire a professional plasterer, and right now estimates are being submitted, we shall invite student workers to participate in sessions at Swan House & Lab, no tuition. To render walls waterproof the plaster will contain sand, lime, cactus juice and a minimal amount of cement. Jesusita Jimenez will be with us, our long time friend and teacher.

From March 15 to March 22, Adobe Alliance will plan an exchange of skills with master builder Vaughn Fryfogle of Mississippi: He will demonstrate his advanced plastering methods which resist 100" of rain annually in Lucedale, near Mobile, in exchange for mastering the engineering technique we teach to build a hemispheric domed roof and the Nubian vault out of small adobes. Students wishing to attend during that week will be monitored by Jesusita. Tuition fee March 15 to March 22 is $500 cash. Donations in kind such as ladders and wheelbarrows are accepted and can be pre-arranged with simoneswan@gmail.com.

Student/workers who wish to plaster after March 23, open ended through April are charged no tuition. Those experienced in working with lime plasters are particularly welcome.

Camping at Swan House is available @ $10 a day, water is solar-pumped from the arroyo and the privy boats the most beautiful view over 40,000 acres of Big Bend State Park. Participants will benefit from the outdoor hot shower if they are frugal, and will have some kitchen privileges. Food is sold at the one market in Presidio or at the lavish supermarket across the bridge in Ojinaga, Mexico. To return to the US on the same bridge proof of citizenship is required, preferably a passport. Delightfully temperate weather lasts through March when the entire desert is in bloom. Winds rise in April.

Erratum: Pakistan March 2013: Simone's invitation to teach in the Sindh valley for two weeks is indefinitely postponed because of socio-political disturbances.

March 2013: Two Weeks In An Eco-Village In The Sindh Valley West Of Karachi, Pakistan.

ADOBE ALLIANCE is invited by renowned architect Jasmeen Lari of the Heritage foundation in Karachi, Pakistan, to teach the craft of building by hand vaulted and domed woodless roofs out of small sun-baked mud bricks with families of refugees still in need of housing after the devastating floods of 2011. Simone Swan will teach the week of March 11, 2013. The following week she will teach a class of architecture students from Karachi how to begin building the Nubian vault, a barrel vault, and a semi-spherical domed roof, also by hand, using no centering, no industrial material.

Chihuahua City, No Firm Date, Spring-Summer 2013:

We shall build with families in need of structurally sound affordable mud brick housing. To avoid the costs of industrial materials such as beams and roofing, builders will learn the craft of constructing roofs by hand in the configuration of the Nubian vault and hemispherical domes, using small sun-dried adobe bricks. We foresee that projects in Chihuahua will be long term.

For further information contact simoneswan@gmail.com.

The Adobe Alliance, Inc., is a Texas non-profit corporation. Donations are tax-deductible and much welcomed for maintenance of the 500 acre property.