Adobe is Political

Adobe is destined to be politically questioned. Building codes are to be legally corrected throughout the Southwest of the US and beyond. Adobe construction obtains no bank loans. It should and it will.

Adobe will be increasingly more of a political issue: As building materials rise even higher in cost than in this first decade of the 21st century; as industrial materials' toxicity is perceived, as their cost of transportation increases with the price of fuels; as the climatic comfort and salubriousness of adobe walls are discovered, more budget-conscious dwellers will be drawn to the material.

To sleep, to move, to live in adobe walls is a cure from the expanding risks of electro-magnetic field emanations, or of out-gassing from toxic materials incorporated within paints, carpeting, and fiber board walls. Above all adobe is a pleasure to handle, and a huge financial saving over any other non-organic material.

Simone Swan, Adobe Alliance.